Unicorn/Flamingo Swimming Circle Pool

Color: Shiny Peacock


This product belongs to outdoor entertainment products, mainly use in swimming, beach floating bed, swimming pool, grass, home. It is also one of the children's favorite toys


Name: Inflatable swimming ring

Material: 0.23mm environmental pvc

Weight: about 330-380g

Packing: PE packaging

Color: as shown

Bullet Points:

1、 Size: approx. 330/380 grams, 28cm inner diameter before inflation, outer diameter 85cm

2、It features a Flamingo/Unicorn shape, so it is very interesting for children.

3、The product is thick, soft and durable. It is made of high quality rain grade non-phthalate material.

4、New matte finish with quick valve. The rate of inflation and deflation is more than 5 times faster.

5、It can be inflated with a hair dryer or a toy air pump. Suitable for children and adults birthday gifts, summer gifts.

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