Difuser Romantic Candle

Color: Black
Size: plus 10 pcs swab



Product: romantic USB air humidifier candle light

Material: ABS + PP

Water tank: 280 ML

Size: 80x80x139mm

Color: Black, Pink, Green

Power: 1.5-2 W

Voltage: DC5V



1. Romantic Color Light

2 Humidifier with 4 hour timer, 1 hour timer

3, small size large capacity 280ML last work 5-8 hours

4, exquisite luxury perspective

5, heavy fog with ultrathin design


Connect ways:

1 phone charger

2 Power Bank

3. USB port for laptop


Package including:

1. Humidifier * 1

2 USB cable * 1

3 manual * 1

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